Oxygen & Medical Gas Installation for Veterinary Treatment


Medical Gases and Gas System Inspection for Sedation


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Medical Gases and Supplies

We provide multiple medical gases such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, medical air and other gases to Ambulances, Fire departments, Dentists,  Animal Hospitals, Clinics and more.


Annual Inspections

We provide maintenance and calibration to the portable nitrous systems as well as the stationary nitrous systems for dentists and animal hospitals.

Emergency Oxygen RES-Q Units

We sell emergency oxygen units for emergency purposes. We also provide RES-Q Unit maintenance program and retraining.

Medical Gases Systems / Plumbing

We install the stationary medical gases systems for dentists and animal hospitals. All the medical plumbing for the gas. We supply the equipment and do the installation.

Hydrostatic Testing

All medical and industrial cylinders for leaks and requalify them. We carry our own Transport Canada Certificate.