Philips Respironics Product Recall

To our valued customers,

On June 14, 2021, Philips Respironics has issued a voluntary recall notice out of an abundance of caution for Continuous (APAP/CPAP/BIPAP) machines and non continuous ventilators due to issues related to the polyester-based polyurethane sound abatement foam used in the design of these devices. The affected percentage of devices is 0.03%.

Please visit the Philips Respironics website for further information and to confirm if your machine is affected by this recall.  We have provided a link for your convenience.  If your CPAP/APAP/BIPAP is affected, please register your machine.

As further updates are provided by Philips Respironics, we will update the information.  We also encourage that you keep visiting the Philips Respironics website as well.

If you have any further  questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact MagGas Medical Inc at 1-877-907-0202 or Philips Respironics directly at 1-877-907-7508.