What is Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen therapy increases the amount of oxygen we breathe into our lungs, which means more oxygen entering our bloodstream for delivery to our body’s tissues. As we all need a certain amount of oxygen in our blood to function properly, if blood oxygen levels are low, the cells in our tissues don’t behave as effectively for us to operate normally.

Home Oxygen Therapy must be prescribed by a licensed healthcare professional. Supplemental oxygen therapy can be prescribed to increase the level of oxygen in a person’s blood. Oxygen is a medication and must be used exactly as your doctor has prescribed. It is not addictive and it is used to improve the quality of your life.

Why Oxygen Therapy?

To increase the amount of oxygen in your bloodstream.

To decrease your work of breathing.

To decrease work load on the heart.

It may decrease your shortness of breath and fatigue.

It may increase your ability to exercise, decrease confusion and memory loss.

Successful Oxygen Therapy can improve

  • Quality & length of life

  • Mood & Sleep

  • Number of admissions/visits to the hospital

  • Health & Stamina

  • Blood oxygen levels

  • Brain functioning

  • Sleeping

  • Mental alertness

  • Reduce shortness of breath

  • Activity increase and provide freedom

How can MagGas help me?

MagGas is a registered vendor for the Home Oxygen Program under The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.

After all the needed assessments are done by your doctor to determine if you need home oxygen therapy. Your doctor will contact one of our offices and provide us with your oxygen prescription. Our office will contact you to deliver and setup the home oxygen system the same day. A healthcare professional will train and educate you on the proper and safe use of oxygen. And will also discuss your lifestyle and your oxygen needs with you to explain the best oxygen system options that will fit your lifestyle and therapy.

MagGas will complete the application and paperwork needed as outlined by the Ministry’s Home Oxygen Program to approve your funding.

  • In-home respiratory assessments

  • Education by healthcare professionals on disease and treatment

  • Instruction to you and your caregivers on proper operation, as well as the safe use and handling of oxygen

  • Same day delivery and installation of your home oxygen system

  • The latest oxygen therapy equipment

  • Our service is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week

  • Portable oxygen upon your discharge from the hospital, if required

  • Regular assessments of your breathing to make sure the oxygen prescription continues to meet your body’s oxygen needs

  • Tips for travelling with oxygen