Medical Gases and Supplies

MagGas Medical Inc. provides medical gases to numerous medical services and offices throughout Ontario. We supply to Dental offices, Medical offices, Animal Hospitals, Ambulances, Fire Departments, and more.

Annual Inspections

We provide inspection and calibration of portable nitrous oxide gas systems as well as centralized nitrous oxide plumbed set-ups for dentists. We do full inspection and certification of these systems as per RCDSO regulations to ensure safety of use.

Emergency Oxygen RES-Q Units

We provide Emergency oxygen units for emergency and non-emergency oxygen administration purposes. We also provide inspection of Emergency oxygen units and training for staff.

Medical Gases Systems / Plumbing

We provide medical gas installation and plumbing, as well as equipment for animal hospitals set-ups.

Hydrostatic Testing

We provide hydrostatic testing on compress gas cylinders. We test for leaks and requalify them for safe use. MagGas Medical Inc. carries our own Transport Canada Certificate and is fully regulated by Health Canada.

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