Stationary Oxygen Concentrators

An oxygen concentrator is an electrically powered unit that produces and supplies concentrated oxygen made from room air.  The oxygen concentrator never runs out of oxygen; as long as it is plugged in it will always produce oxygen.

Portable Oxygen Concentrators

A portable oxygen concentrator is a unit that produces and supplies oxygen made from room air. It is small and light and used for mobility, as it works on chargeable batteries. Such a unit is provided if it meets your clinical needs; for those who are more active and leave home on regular basis.

Cylinder Systems

Cylinders refer to tanks of compressed gaseous oxygen. They are available in multiple sizes, depending on your lifestyle and needs. Large tanks are used inside the home if needed, and small tanks are used for outings or travel.

Liquid Oxygen Systems

The oxygen dewar stores oxygen in the form of liquid. Liquid oxygen is stored in large reservoirs at a very cold level. These cryogenic reservoirs require no electrical power and are designed to fill portable base units. The liquid oxygen is turned into gas at very low temperature. The gaseous oxygen is the oxygen you need to breathe. This system is good for more independence and requires ongoing filling that is provided by our professional technicians.

Oxygen Conserving Devices

An oxygen conserving device is attached to the cylinder to better control and conserve the oxygen. Regulator oxygen is delivered continuously, while oxygen regulated by a conserving device is only delivered during the inhalation process; this way there will be no waste of oxygen and the cylinders’ oxygen will last longer.

Transfill Oxygen Systems

A Transfill Oxygen System is a concentrator capable of transfilling a small, lightweight cylinder.You must have a cylinder of oxygen as backup in the event of a power failure. You should also advise your electric company in order to get priority service during a power failure.

Additional (but not limited to) Equipment that will be supplied by MagGas Medical Inc.


Regulates how much oxygen is administered to you in litres per minute. This dose prescription will be given to you by your doctor. The gauge attached gives the patient the current reading of the pressure within the cylinder, and tells you how much oxygen remains.


Replaces the water vapor that is lost during the oxygen manufacturing process. The oxygen in tanks contains zero percent relative humidity.

Nasal Prongs

Deliver low concentrations of oxygen for extended periods, through 2 small extensions that fit into each nostril.


Deliver low or high concentration of oxygen for extended periods through a full-face mask.


A variety of lengths are available as a way to connect the mask to the oxygen device.